OpenStack Neutron CLI for NSXv

  • Create a new shared network

neutron net-create network1 –name network1 –shared

  • Create a new exclusive network

neutron net-create network1 –name network1

  • Create a VLAN network

neutron net-create net-vlan –provider:segmentation_id VLAN-ID –provider:network_type vlan –provider:physical_network DVS-Switch-ID

  • Create a subnet

neutron subnet-create network1 –name subnet01 –allocation-pool start=,end= –disable-dhcp –gateway

  • Create a DLR

neutron router-create dlr01 –distributed True

  • Create a Edge

neutron router-create –distributed false edg01 –router-type exclusive

  • Add interface to DLR or Edge

neutron router-interface-add dlr01 subnet01

  • Update the routing for Edge or DLR

neutron router-update edg01 –routes type=dict list=true destination=,nexthop= destination=,nexthop=

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