F5 wireshark plugin

When you perform packet capture on F5 LTM, you possibly notice there are some unknow fileds in the packet capture.

These unknown data fileds are the additional diagnostic data which is encoded on tcpdump captures by F5 LTM. F5 has provided the wireshark plugin to decode the unknown fileds. You can download the plugin from the link below:


What you need to is to create a customize wireshark build to include the plugin.

Please follow the steps below to build your own wireshark :

1. Acquire the Wireshark source tarball at:

2. Extract out the files:
tar xjf wireshark-{version}.tar.bz2

3. Enter into the directory, and extract the files in the F5 package:
cd wireshark-{version}/
tar xzf wireshark.plugin.f5ethtrailer.1.3.tar.gz

4. Apply the patch:
patch -p1 < f5ethtrailer.makefiles.{version}.patch

5a. If you are on Windows, proceed to compilation following the instructions at:

5b. If you are on a GNU GCC based platform, proceed to compilation by following the instructions at:

6. Install Wireshark to your target system

When you get your own wireshark build, open the F5 LTM tcpdump file, you will see something like below:


3 thoughts on “F5 wireshark plugin

  1. Jason Cohen

    Devcentral’s recent site refresh has left a few links a bit out of sorts. One of them is the wireshark plugin information. However, as of Wireshark 2.6 (rel. 4/24/2018) the f5ethtrailer is included as a built-in dissector. An additional plugin is no longer needed.


    It is disabled by default. To enable it, from the menu select “Anyalyze” : “Enabled Protocols…”. Then search for f5ethtrailer and enable the dissector.

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