About SoftLayer Standard IPSec offering

Recently, I was called for an application integration issue between Softlayer and customer’s corporate network. The customer uses Softlayer Standard IPSec (the one in customer portal) as the communication path of app integration. But they saw some issue with that.The technical guy on customer end did some troubleshooting and found source NAT is performed on Softlayer VPN gateway. They suggested the fact of all traffic from the same IP (Softlayer VPN Gateway) brings the issue to their applications. So they asked if Softlayer can disable this NAT feature for them.

Unfortunately, the customer misunderstand the Softlayer IPSec offering.

SoftLayer Standard IPSec offering in customer portal is for admin/management purpose only. It is not really for application integration, .e.g. customer VM to server on their corporate network.

If customer wants to establish secure connectivity from their corporate network to Softlayer for application integration purpose. There are two options:

Pick up one of them due to the requirements.

(1) virtual vyatta gateway— for small deployment (e.g. <50 VMs)

(2) Physical HA vyatta gateway– for big scale deployment and has HA and performance requirement ;

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