Change the default syslog setting on Vyatta

By default, the logging information generated by Vyatta will be written to the main log file on Vyatta. Vyatta uses standard UNIX log rotation to prevent the file system from filling up with log files. When log messages are written to a file, the system will write up to 500 KB of log messages into the log file, where the log file is either the main log file or a name you have assigned to a user-defined file. When logfile reaches its maximum size, the system closes it and save as an archive file. The archive file is named message.x.The system archives log files in this way until a maximum number of log files exists.

By default, the maximum number of archived files is 5.The default setting won’t meet your requirement especially when you enables the firewall logging.

To change the above default setting, use the CLI below:

set system syslog global archive files ’30’

set system syslog global archive size ‘10000’

Here we change the log file maximum size to 10000KBytes and save up to 30 log files at Vyatta local disk. The above configuration will consume about 300Mbytes disk.

For Softlayer Vyatta gateway appliance, it offers 500G disk by default. Using 300M for logging files won’t bring any operation risk.

Of course, you should use central syslog system as much as possible.

set system syslog host facility all level ‘warning’

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