Duplicate Packet or TCP retransimission?

When you analyse the packet capture in wireshark, you sometimes see the similar/nearly same packets more than 1 time. It is maybe due to duplicate packet or TCP retransimission. If it is TCP retransmission, you have to pay more attention on it.


The difference between duplicate packet and TCP restransmission is IP ID. For duplicate packets, IP ID of two packets is same besides the TCP sequence number is same. (Why you can see the duplicate packets in the capture is not in the scope of this discussion. If you have interest, please google it. 🙂


Duplicate Packet example (same IP ID and same TCP sequence number)wKioL1OP4ZmjE6pcAAH8SGETuT8295

TCP Original packet


TCP retransmission packet


Same TCP sequence number (2171548184)but different IP ID (frame 553 ID is 48058 and frame 578 ID is 48083) for orgianl packet and retransmission packet.

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