SoftLayer Citrix Netscaler VPX

The NetScaler VPX product line has three family editions available supporting the same feature set as the NetScaler appliances:

  • Standard Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Platinum Edition

Softlayer has provided the following options for Netscaler VPX. Standard and Platinum edition are available from license point of viewSoftlayer Citrix VPX

The features are supported by the Platinum edition are:

Citrix VPX license

The features are supported by the Standard edition are:

Citrix Standard version

The following reference about VPX performance can help you to pick up the rigth edition of VPX.

VPX Performance

VPX Performance1

Upgrade Licenses For NetScaler VPX Virtual Appliance

Customers can upgrade their NetScaler virtual appliance from one family edition to another and from one performance range to another by purchasing an upgrade license.

  • There are two types of upgrades for this product:
    Edition Upgrades—Standard to Enterprise, Standard to Platinum and Enterprise to Platinum. Edition upgrades must be within the same bandwidth.
  • Performance (Bandwidth) Upgrades—10Mbps to 200 Mbps, 10Mbps to 1000Mbps and 200Mbps to 1000Mbps. Performance upgrades can only be performed on the same Edition (Standard, Enterprise,or Platinum).

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