Step by Step: how to route a VLAN to Vyatta Gateway using Softlayer Customer Portal

The Vyatta Network Gateway device places a customer configurable routing device in front of specific customer configured VLANs.

The primary benefit of using a Network Gateway is control. A Network Gateway provides the customer expanded control over features and functionality, including:


  • Terminate public IPSec VPN tunnels on the Network Gateway device.
  • NAT based configurations where “private-network only” servers are reached via NAT on the Network Gateway.
  • Custom routing designs adjustable on the fly by your administration team.
  • Run extra diagnostic commands such as traffic monitoring on the Network Gateway.
  • Firewall capabilities in addition to other benefits

In Softlayer customer portal, you can specify which vlan you want to route to Vaytta gateway so that CCI and bare metal server in that vlan will use Vyatta as default gateway/next-hop.

Below will show you the steps:

Step 1: Network > Gateway Appliances


Step 2: Click the Gateway Name for the desired Network Gateway to access the Gateway Details screen.


Step 3: Select the desired VLAN from the Associate a VLAN drop down list and Click the Associate button to associate the VLAN


Step 4: Locate the desired VLAN in the Associated VLANs section and Select Route VLAN from the Actions drop down menu


Step 5: Log in the Vyatta to configure the gateway interface for vlan 1942

set interfaces bonding bond0 vif 1942 address ’10.x.x.193/26′

If you have HA Vyatta gateway, configure the VRRP as well

NOTE: the VRRP virtual IP is always the 1st usable IP in your subnet.

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