Using vSphere Managed Object Browser to find VM-id

The Managed Object Browser, or MOB, is a Web-based server application available for all ESX/ESXi and vCenter Server systems. The MOB lets you examine the objects that exist on the server and navigate through the hierarchy of live objects by clicking on links. The MOB populates the browser with actual runtime information.

OpenStack Nova refers VM-ID for its function, e.g. nova start/stop. Openstack security group association has dependency on the vm-id as well. In some cases, vSphere may change the VM-id. To identify if the VM-id is changed or not by vSphere, we can use MOB to find the current VM-id for a specific VM.

You can access the MOB via https://virtualcenter-ip/mob

After you type in your vCenter account information: you will see the following:MOB1 Click “content”,


Go to the “rootFolder”, click “group-d1 (Datacenters)”


Go to “datacenter-2”, you will be able to see the VMware clusters in the “datacenter-2”. Select the cluster which your VM is running on. Here, we select “domain-c67”.


Go to “hostFolder”, click “group-h4(host)”


Click “host-196”


Then you will be able to see the vm-id for your VM




Note: group-v3 is an example only, you may have different group number like group-v22

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