OpenStack CLI to create a VM

To create a VM in OpenStack, you can use a Nova CLI as the below:

nova boot –flavor SMALL4_2CPU_4GBRAM_80GBDISK –image rhel7 –nic net-id=eafea72a-c26e-4f73-826c-552da03cf532  myRHEL–availability-zone avz01

Except the name of the virtual machine, you need to find out all other requested parameters (flavor, image, net-id and availability-zone) so that you can use  “nova boot”. Please refer the CLI below to get what you need:

  • Get the flavor

nova flavor-list

  • Get the image

glance image-list

  • Get the net-id

neutron net-list

  • Get the availability zone

openstack availability zone list

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