NSX-v DLR OSPF Adjacencies Configuration Maximums

In one of NSX doc, the below is suggested around DLR OSPF Adjacencies configuration maximum:

OSPF Adjacencies per DLR 10

This maximum applies to NSX 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3.

In OSPF , OSPF optimizes the LSA flooding process on multiaccess network by using DR (designated rourer) and BDR (backup DR). Routers that are not DR or BDR are called DRother routers. All DRother routers only form full adjacency with DR and BDR. Among DRother routers, they will stay in 2Way state and forms OSPF neighborship but not full adjacency.

To clarify if  “adjacencies” in VMWare NSX configuration maximums doc means “full adjacency” or “neighbor/2way state”, I raise a SR with VMWare GSS. The response from VMware GSS is:

  • their “Adjacencies” mean “neighborship” not “full adjacency”.
  • the 2WAY state also will be included  in the configuration limit of the 10 OSPF adjacencies per DLR

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