NSX IPSec Throughput in IBM Softlayer

To understand the real throughput capacity of NSX IPSec in Softlayer, I built a quick IPSec performance testing environment.

Below are the network topology of my testing environment:


NSX version: 6.2.4
NSX Edge: X-Large (6 vCPUs and 8G Memory), which is the largest size NSX offers. All of Edges in this testing enviroment reside in the same vSphere cluster which include 3 ESXi hosts. Each ESXi host has 64GB DDR4 Memory and 2 processors (2.4GHz Intel Xeon-Haswell (E5-2620-V3-HexCore))
IPerf Client: Redhat 7.1 (2 vCPUs and 4GB Memory)
IPerf Server: Redhat 7.1 (2 vCPUs and 4GB Memory)
IPerf version: IPerf3

2 IPsec tunnels are built as the above diagram. IPSec setting is:

  • Encryption: AES-GCM
  • Diff-Hellman Group: DH5
  • PFS(Perfect forward secrecy): Enabled
  • AESNI: Enabled
I include 3 test cases in my testing:
  • Test Case 2: 2 IPerf Clients ( to 2 IPerf Servers ( via 1 IPsec Tunnel. Result: around 1.6-2.3Gbit/s in total
Please note:
  1. Firewall function on NSX Edge is disabled in all test cases.
  2. TCP traffic is used in all 3 test cases. 10 parallel streams are used to push the performance test to the max on each IPerf Client.
  3. I didn’t see any CPU or Memory contention in all test cases: the CPU utilisation of NSX Edge was  less than 40% and memory utilisation is nearly zero.


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