Install wrk on Photon 4

wrk is a high-performance HTTP benchmarking tool that is designed to measure the performance of web applications and APIs. It is a flexible and customizable tool that allows users to simulate real-world scenarios and test the performance of their web servers under various loads. wrk is easy to use and can be run from the command line, making it a popular choice for developers and system administrators alike.

To install wrk on Photon4, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the dependencies

sudo tdnf install gcc lua-devel openssl-devel unzip

Step 2: Clone the wrk repository:

git clone wrk

Step 3: Change into the wrk directory:

cd wrk

Step 4: Build wrk:


Step 5: Move wrk to /usr/local/bin

mv wrk /usr/local/bin

Step 6: Verify that wrk is installed:

wrk version

root@photon-machine [ ~/wrk ]# ./wrk version
invalid URL: version
Usage: wrk <options> <url>
    -c, --connections <N>  Connections to keep open
    -d, --duration    <T>  Duration of test
    -t, --threads     <N>  Number of threads to use

    -s, --script      <S>  Load Lua script file
    -H, --header      <H>  Add header to request
        --latency          Print latency statistics
        --timeout     <T>  Socket/request timeout
    -v, --version          Print version details

One example:

wrk -t 4 -c 100 -d 30 --latency

Thank you for your reading!

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